Barbara Binford Davis

Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, I have painted since the age of fourteen.  I obtained a degree in Fine Art from Auburn University Montgomery in 1987; however, I primarily worked in the banking industry while pursuing my art as an avocation with the hope of eventually becoming a full-time artist. 


I painted portraits full-time in the mid-1990’s, but in 2004, I began painting en plein air and it changed my life and opened many doors to meet other artists and join painting groups.  I have had the opportunity to take workshops from such wonderful artists as Roger Dale Brown, Perry Austin, Mark Horton, Christopher Groves, and other members of Plein Air Painters of the Southeast and the members of the Cumberland Society of Painters, and the late Gordon Wetmore.  After years of studying and painting, my dream of working as a full-time artist has been realized and I am thankful to all these incredible teaching artists who have been willing to share their knowledge. 


I paint in oil and, since I love to paint the effect of light, my subject matter is across the board…landscapes, still life, portraits, figures, animals… but I find my heart is always drawn to the skies.