Christy Kinard

"If a Southerner talks music, weaving symphonies of vibrant wordplay, I would like to think that I paint similarly, creating rich compositions with impressions of Southern life. The abundant flowers and unique cultural traditions of the South sing through me, into my hands and onto the materials that shape my visual song. I attempt to capture the joyful, layered character of the South, working from both childhood memories and life.

Flowers are the main subjects of my work, which reflects the bounty of colorful plant life both outside and in the homes of the South. In keeping with Southern tradition, there was almost always a fresh bouquet of flowers on the table of my childhood home. The frequent presence of flowers made a lasting impression—so much so that the floral still life would become the central focus of my work.

To represent these bouquets, I created my own visual language partially inspired by the Southern quilting tradition. While quilting is a globally practiced art, the South has its own unique style. My great aunts, who sewed kaleidoscope patchwork with patterned squares of fabric, exposed me to this style. Instead of picking up a needle, however, I picked up a paintbrush to paint and collage layers of patterns and textures with simplified bold shapes and weaving lines.

The boldness of my work can also be related to the Southern character. Beyond the well-kept exterior and femininity of a Southern woman, like my work, the women of the South can be strong, creative and playful. As related to the whole, to be Southern is to be happy and laid back, to say hello to strangers who you pass on the street, and to spend time sitting on the porch enjoying the simple beauty that nature provides. This natural abundance is a gift, and my work celebrates this gift and my gratitude for it by painting a welcoming song in the true style of Southern hospitality."

- Christy Kinard


Professional Artist
December/January 2013
Artist Palette Challenge
100 Words