Kathy Cousart

Once upon a time that little girl mesmerized by color and texture and design stored up all those bits of magic until she could say something really special with paint. Moving frequently as a Minister’s child found me holding onto rich traditions that I loved along the way but always willing to weave in new experiences. I find that hold’s true with my paintings today as I integrate rich traditional subject matter with a fresh contemporary look that has an abstract edge to it.


I paint almost every day as it is like breathing to me. What interests and fascinates me the most is strong sunlight and the effect that it has on color and value. Tha is more important to me than the actual subject that I am painting- it's all about capturing that light and shadow relationship on different subjects. While many subjects interest me the natural colors and intricate shapes of flowers hold a special place in my heart. I love to paint from life and only paint flowers that way. It's a mindfulness of arranging many of my favorite things together to say something with a Still Life painting. Flowers painted in a vignette style with an abstract background has become my signature style. 


Another love is painting en plein air. Nothing better than painting barefoot on the beach with the ocean waves washing over your toes as you paint! Heaven! Beautiful landscapes speak to me also. I am truly in awe of the natural beauty as I try to capture those moments with marks and paint. Quietly drawn to the timeless ebb and flow of beautiful marshes and the rhythm of ocean waves rolling back and forth. There is a Peace about them both that feeds my soul. Capturing my impressions with abstract washes of color and charcoal marks so that the painting takes me right back to that spot and moment in time.


This amazing journey has lead me to truly discovering the gift of allowing my emotions to flow with paint to form beautiful marks that become abstract paintings. I still use all those strong important fundamentals when painting abstracts but I am embracing something from deep within that core truth of myself and putting it to canvas with paint. Those paintings are especially heartfelt and connect so strongly with others it amazes me to witness that.


My work has recently been described as having a “beautiful thread of softness and grace.” I strive daily to live deeply connected to Love through Peace and Grace. My wish is that from my paintings people receive Peace and Grace through the Love that I painted them with.