Kim Schuessler

Kim Schuessler is one of the most popular new artists in the Southeast regional art scene. By combining paint, paper, and stenciling, Kim depicts figures, male and female, on a colorful and vibrant canvas. Capturing moments such as a couple's first dance, a ballet recital, or a walk in the rain, Kim Schuessler begins paintings that soon assume a life of their own as she tears paper to form their dresses and splatters numerous colors of paint to express the energy and intensity of the moment. Seeking papers that have distinctive colors, designs and textures, Kim uses only those that add interest and meaning to her paintings. Kim Schuessler fashions her figures by allowing the ripped paper to designate the shapes of skirts, tuxedos, and even shoes. Using paper, paint, and stenciled words and letters, together with her figures, Kim Schuessler recreates simple moments in her complex collages.