Lindsey Wolosiewicz

Lindsey Wolosiewicz is an abstract artist who resides near Atlanta.  Originally a native from Michigan where she earned a bachelors degree from the University of Michigan, Lindsey now paints full time.  Lindsey’s work is sold in various galleries in Georgia, Texas and South Carolina.  Her work has also been featured in prestigious art shows in the Atlanta area. She also enjoys teaching art to classical students as well as painting with her three children, Paige, Luke and Emery.


Lindsey’s abstract paintings are filled with rich texture using an impasto technique. Using various palette knives creates buttery layer upon layers of paint.  Along with rich colors her technique forms a rich rustic style.


Besides painting Lindsey, her husband Nate, and their children enjoy hiking, biking, and the beauty of nature. They are also actively involved in foster care and providing shelter for various kids in Atlanta.