Liz Leventhal

My paintings contain a wide range of materials. Layers of materials are built up to create depth and movement. Each layer is a catalyst to the next phase of the process. The painting begins with a wash of color. Color is applied with brush or by pouring and dripping. Water is then added to the canvas either thrown or poured in areas. The water allows the color to move, mix and interact in ways I cannot predict. I watch and intuitively respond interrupting the movement or not. These results are sealed and final layers are added to edit the noise. My favorite areas are coaxed into forms either purely abstract or referencing nature.


The changing of seasons and nature in general are my big influences. I am captivated by organic shapes perfect in their form. Just as each element in nature is designed for a purpose resulting in beauty, I strive to conduct the materials to come together creating a replica of the perfect beauty I find in God’s creation all around me.


My thought process is the result of endless experimenting trying to keep the beginning idea fresh. I reveal what I enjoy about the process of painting. In the end I allow the gems I find to speak clearly.