Mark Holland

Poet, storyteller, magician, entertainer are a few of the words that describe Mark Holland. Poignant, nostalgic, vibrating, aged, dark describe his work. Mark finds inspiration for his paintings in his life and the universal passion of human kind. Archetypes, ancestors, recollection of things unseen, remembrance of the unknown and forgotten pervade his work.

"Objects in nature are a fascination for me. I paint what has interested me since childhood: plants, flowers, trees, fish, shells, birds and animals.

As a child I would draw what I discovered in nature. I was always outside. Woods, lakes, pastures, rivers were my sanctuary and playground. In turn it was natural to me to draw these things I found interest in. I am still doing that as an adult.

Curiosity has been a gift to me. By drawing and painting, I learn about these natural things. The curiosity never leaves me; the urge to capture the world is strong in me. My paintings are infused with the energy and exciting beauty of nature."

- Mark Holland