Patrick Nevins

I have never described myself as an "artist", I'm just somebody who loves to paint. I love everything about it; the way a brush feels in my hand, how the oils smell on wood panel, the ability to manipulate paint and make it take shape. Every piece of artwork I produce truly is a labor of love. I feel like I grow as an "artist" with each new piece.


I want to be original and strive for as much realism in my paintings as I can. I want to create still lifes that you feel like you could reach out and touch or paint the female form in all the beauty that it is. I'm still learning everyday and I hope that never changes. 


There are so many talented artists out there and amazing pieces of art. I can only hope that one day I will considered a part of that group. For now I will continue to perfect my craft and try to expose as many people to my work as I can and hope that my art finds a way into their life.