The Spaces in Between 48"x24" mixed media on panel

Days of Decision by Michael Dickter 36"x36"

Featured Artist Michael Dickter

October 1 – 31, 2013

The Atelier Gallery will be displaying new work by Artist Michael Dickter for the month of October. Dickter is shown nationally in gallery, corporate, and private collections. The artist states that, “My interest is in creating a permanent record of the impermanence of our world. In considering the exquisiteness of a moment shared, of a new connection, a new thought, an old memory, I am often struck by the duality of permanence and impermanence all around us.” The paintings showcase images of birds or flowers, of connection, of beauty, of freedom, and of the precarious and profoundly precious nature of our world. Making marks on a surface, choosing colors, dripping, obscuring and replacing images talk to this through the act of painting. Stop by The Atelier Gallery at 153 King Street to see his new work showing for the entire month of October.