The Pack by Carylon Killebrew 36"x48"

The Lookout by Susan Easton Burns 24"x24"

Continuing to Figure it Out by Madeleine Peck-Wagner

Days of Decision by Michael Dickter 36"x36"

Now by Michael Dickter 18"x48"

Harmony Simplified by Kristin Knight 24"x48"

Andante Series by Santiago Garcia 60"x65"

Elephant by Santiago Garcia 37"x32"

Protect by Kelly Theil

Zebras and Mussels by Patti Zeigler

February Wildlife Show

February 1 – 28, 2014

Many artists will be on display for our Wildlife show for the entire month of February. From Michael Dickter's unique bird and flower paintings to Carylon Killebrew's soulful hounds, the February featured showcase will include numerous talented wildlife artists. Not only will there be oil and acrylic paintings but sculpture as well. Please stop by our gallery located at 153 King St. to view our 10 featured artists.