Shellie Dambax

Look in the Mirror 30"x30" mixed media

Long Way Home 60"x48" mixed media

Shellie Dambax

Whiskey Harlequin 24x85 mixed media

South Country Club 30"x30" mixed media on panel

Shellie Dambax

Silly Girl 48"x30" mixed media

Eva 50"x30" mixed media 

Winter Approaching 32"x38" mixed media

Michele and Me 42"x42" mixed media

Sarah's Sister 42"x42" mixed media

More Than Skin Deep....Long Way Home

A Body of Work About My Conscious Awareness of Perception

December 5 – 31, 2014

"My work is a direct reflection of my mood and emotional state. I have an obsession to paint. The Act of creating is also a struggle for me that opens a new conversation and awareness within myself. The process of my paintings begin with writing, sketching randomly and rhythmically, applying various marks and splotches of paint, then I apply and remove paint to reveal images, developing them to my liking. This process may take minutes, hours or weeks to complete. I paint, construct and explore new means to create works that I desire to be emotional and authentic. I love the imperfect, the mistakes and the adrenaline  that drives me to solving them.... and by sharing  my art I hope to connect to others."

Shellie Lewis-Dambax is a graduate from the College of Charleston earning a Bachelor Degree of Arts with a Concentration in Painting. She studied under the late Michael Tyzack, Manning Williams, Michel Phillips, Cliff Peacock and Herb Parker. 

The opening reception for Shellie Dambax's new series of work will be held Friday, December 5th 6 to 8pm.