New Horizon 24"x24" acrylic on canvas

Wutang Tattoo 30"x40" acrylic on canvas

Hurry Up 36"x48" acrylic on canvas

Nicodemus 48"x48" acrylic on panel

Susan Easton Burns at Wild Thyme Resturant

The official 2014 artist for the Kentucky Derby will be showcasing her work at Wild Thyme Restaurant located in Highlands, NC.
Spontaneity and intuition are the two most important concepts I try to convey in my art. The spontaneous underpainting gives way to an image that appears intuitively. The nature of paint is messy and I like to acknowledge that. This is a reminder that in nature, order comes from chaos.
While our mind-dominated world changes to a more feeling world, we struggle for balance. Every painting is an opportunity for me to reconnect with a more intuitive part of myself. Every viewer is given this opportunity to connect with their feelings as well. The people in my life help me to express pain and pleasure. Then in turn, I put that on a canvas to share with others. We are a world of people that want to connect by our very nature.
I choose to paint nature because I am a part of nature. We humans are much like animals. The main difference is that animals have no fear of the future. They live their lives with great awareness and intuition.


Plein Air Redefined
Official Artist for the 140th Kentucky Derby